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Best Practice Crop Protection, Weed Management, Crop Nutrition and Farm Planning for Profitable Grain Production.


Crop Variety Testing, Pesticide and Fertiliser Research, Disease Management, Farming Systems and Product Development. We use ARM software. 


Advising Agribusiness, Crop Protection and Life Science Companies, Corporate Farming and the Family Farm

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2000 - present

Truflex Stewardship Program for Advanta Seeds & Monsanto, Adama Fungicides for the control of Sclerotinia in Canola,  Bayer Seed Dressings for the control of Fusarium Crown Rot in wheat, numerous small plot projects for chemical and fertiliser companies, GRDC funded large multi-season farming systems development projects, Wheat variety performance trials. Product Development for Loveland Industries. 

1998 - 1999

Regional and fee for service agronomy for IAMA. Numerous herbicide, insecticide and fertiliser spray trials using spray bikes, cone seeders and plot harvesters.

1996 - 1997

60-70 trials a year research program at Wesfarmers CSBP Ltd –  from Binnu to Esperance. Broadacre Grain Crops to grass and legume pastures. Trace element studies to macronutrient rate responses.   Solid and Liquid Fertiliser Development.

Our Equipment


Spray Trailer or Ute Mounted Boom

12m Stainless Steel spray boom, spraying at 250mm spacings, with 1 x 12m and 4 x 3m boom sections for low drift excellent application coverage, capable of spraying from 50cm to over 2m in height,  or 2.5 and 3m CO2 pressurized hand booms for more intricate small plot work


Cone Seeder

2m cone seeder, with ground following parallelogram tines, with drilling, deep banding and topdressing of granular fertiliser.  Liquid fertiliser application is banded in furrow and also surface banding. Small seeds cone (150mm) for small seeds and for low quantity plant breeder work, 2 coarse grains cones (300mm) for  and a 400mm cone for fertiliser treatments and soil ameliorant work. GPS guided shunt and drop magazine loading for accurate plant breeder work. .


Plot Harvesting

Plot harvesting  using modern plot harvesting equipment with on board weighing and sampling. 

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